Gone are the days when “rest homes” were the only option for those who could no longer care for themselves. Today, the majority of older adults needing assistance are well served within the continuum of long-term care.

This industry’s growing complexity can be confusing for the elderly, not to mention their families. Here are some brief definitions for common terms used in long-term care:


This program provides services to the terminally ill. Treatment must be administered under a physician’s direction, and be provided by a state-licensed or Medicare-approved hospice care organization. At Cascade Senior Care, we work closely with Hospice of the Gorge to ensure appropriate, compassionate care as our residents live out their final days.


This is appropriate for those with medical conditions requiring treatment by skilled personnel, such as nurses and physical therapists. Skilled care is ordered by a physician in accordance with an overall care plan. Although Cascade Senior Care does not normally have nurses and therapists on staff the way skilled nursing facilities are required to, we are able to provide these ancillary services at an additional fee. Many residents find that, even with these extra charges, adult foster care is still the most economical way to go.


The intermediate care candidate needs daily, but not round-the-clock, nursing supervision. Intermediate nursing care is given by physician’s order and supervised by registered nurses. This type of care is less intensive than skilled care, and is usually required for a longer period of time. Each individual’s situation is different; please contact us regarding your particular care needs.


This is necessary for individuals who are unable to care for themselves, assuming that in-home care by family, friends or paid caregivers is not an option. Long-term nursing care placement is usually permanent, though some may stay in a facility such as Cascade Senior Care for just weeks or months while recovering from an acute illness, injury or surgery. In these cases, residents are able to transition back home after rehabilitation. We work closely with local community and senior service agencies to provide the services necessary to ensure the highest level of autonomy for current and former residents.


Respite, or caregiver relief, programs are crucial for those who are caring for aging parents, grandparents or spouses in their homes. Cascade Senior Care offers adult day care, as well as respite care for any number of weeks or days at a reasonable, prorated charge. If you’re a primary family caregiver and are planning a vacation, called out of town on business or simply need an afternoon to yourself, contact us today to schedule your loved one’s respite stay.

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