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This website is a result of my refusal to give up and surrender to the ravages of aging. It is my hope that this site will provide vital information that will enhance the health of seniors like me. Based on my experience much of this information could prove helpful to pre-seniors. Applying some of this health information before joining the ranks of seniors will pay healthier dividends when they become seniors. Earlier application of the health tips provided here will certainly ensure more golden health for seniors in their later years.

My motivation to change my lifestyle began as a result of the following experience. A few years ago following my regular physical exam, I received some very disturbing results from my family doctor. He told me that the numbers recorded in several blood tests were outside the healthy range. Up to this time I had always scored in the comfortably healthy range, but now I was past my mid-fifties and my body was changing. The choices that I saw before me were either to let nature take its course or to take some action that would restore the healthy balance that my body had experienced up to this point of my life. I chose to take action that I hoped would re-balance my physical life and bring golden health in my senior years.

First I started doing research on health topics in libraries and bookstores. Second I talked about the health issues of seniors with other folks who shared my common interests. Thirdly, I worked with my medical doctors to coordinate my recovery to good health. Within a few months I had found solid answers to some of my senior health issues. When I put them into practice they produced the results that I was hoping for. These early successes motivated me to keep researching health for seniors, because I know that we are learning more about how to live healthy senior lives as a result of all the medical and nutritional research that is being funded today in the 21st century.

My interest in healthy living started early in my life. In addition to my parents, my maternal grandfather, John, set a fine example for me that has stayed with me all my life. He enjoyed what I consider golden health in his senior years. He was still driving a car in his eighties and lived to be 89. Biology class in my sophomore year in high school in Florida opened my eyes to some of the details of how good nutrition helps to maintain a healthy body. Ever since my high school years I have tried to balance my eating based on the general norms accepted for the second half of the 20th Century. In addition to eating healthy food I have taken vitamin supplements during the latter part of my adult life. The combination of the supplements with healthy food and moderate exercise have contributed greatly to my good health. At this time I am enjoying golden health as a senior. I invite you to read the informative posts that I have written on various health topics. They are listed for each month up to the present.

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