For every battle of the warrior is with confused noise…

The American flag

All Americans have the privilege of honouring the men and women who have bravely served, and sometimes died defending not only our country but also our Lord. To effectively show our respect to these courageous individuals we need to remember why we celebrate this day. Recently we met with Mark Laney, a former Army Officer, and warrior for veterans and the Lord.

Mark has the privilege of working for the Arizona State Department of Veterans’ Services as the Admissions and Marketing Department Manager. But a title does not say it all. He helps all Arizona veterans wade through the noise of rumor, hearsay and paperwork, and access their veteran’s benefit for them-selves and their spouses. But what is a veteran? Ac-cording to Mark, a veteran is more than an individual that served directly in a war. One could have served in the Army, Navy Marines, Air Force, the Merchant Marines, Coast Guard and many other service related areas. This could also be in the Cold War period. Most people believe that a veteran is only a male who served on the front lines during a battle. Women are veterans as well. The simplest way to determine your status, as a veteran is to ask, do not assume that you are not?

Veterans are eligible for a large number of benefits that include, but are not limited to: Veteran’s Hospital benefits, medication benefits, home loans, fiduciary services, guardianship/conservatory benefits, burial benefits, Adult Day Care programs, pensions, aid and attendant care and many others.

But informing our veterans of their benefits is only the first step in honoring our veterans. The simplest way to honor a veteran is to fly your flag at home. Attending this years Veteran’s Day Parade is another great way to honor our veterans. You could volunteer at the Arizona State Veteran’s Home or the Veteran’s Hospital to learn of the events that these brave men and women endured during their time of service. Or simply ask your neighbor or friend about their experiences serving during a wartime period.

Bill Sinister once said, “Our veterans accepted the responsibility to defend America and uphold our values when duty called.” We believe as Americans it our responsibility and duty to stand, take notice, and thank these heroic men and women who so valiantly defend our freedoms with their bodies, their blood, and their souls. As Americans, we say thank you and god bless you all.