Cyber Seniors

Person writing on a computer

The Cyber Seniors are members of the Newmarket Senior Meeting Place Computer Club. We are about 250 Seniors, who are all interested in computers. Our knowledge of computers is at all levels, from good to none at all. Most of us have computers and about 100 are connected to the Internet. We meet every first and third Tuesday for a planning meeting, and every second and fourth Tuesday we try to invite a Guest to speak to us about any computer related theme. Failing that we take time to discuss experiences or difficulties some of our members may be having. We have a well equipped computer room with 12 computers. All computers are connected to the Internet and every member can browse the World Wide Web. We are also offering lessons on the basic use of computers as well on Word,  Internet, Graphics and Desktop publishing.

If you are 55 plus and are interested in computer come and join us. You are very Welcome.

Newmarket Seniors Meeting Place

474 Davis Drive – Newmarket, Ontario

What does the NSMP feature?

Approximately 14,000 sq. ft., a welcome reception area and three multi-purpose halls (cap. 300) and meeting rooms.

Warm and friendly volunteers, and an abundance of volunteer opportunity you can experience.

A large craft Centre and Woodworking Shop.

Elaborate games rooms with billard, table shuffleboard, dart and more.

Multitude of daily & weekly activities, i.e. cards, table-tennis, carpet bowling, badminton, shuffleboard lanes, bingo and more.

A smoke-free facility throughout (Excluding designated smokers lounge).

Confortable library & louge with a variety of literature and Public library book exchange service.

Numerous clubs & Activities to participate in, i.e. computer, walking, badminton, crafts, woodworking and more.

Well equiped kitchen facilities, serving lunch Mondays & Thursdays.

Summer time barbecues (Mondays & Thursdays).

Spacious washrooms and a cloakroom.

Complete barrier free access-wheelchair accessible.

The Meeting place offers a variety of social, physical, educational and health related programs and services. For more information please call the SMP office – (905) 953-5325.

Drop in and be part of the Centre.

Be a part of the Centre today! The meeting place welcomes you to drop in at any time…. we have an inviting reception area loaded with information and a team of volunteers waiting to welcome you. The library/lounge is quiet and cozy and features an extra large T.V. screen with an organ and piano. MusicĀ  is regularly on Monday afternoons, with an on-going jig-saw puzzle. The coffee is always fresh and hot – only $ 0.35/cup – with the daily newspaper waiting upon your arrival. For atmosphere, the fireplace is the right touch. In addition. there are a number of drop-in opportunities throughout the week, check the activity schedule for details. Enjoy our lunch bar services every Monday and Thursday, 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. featuring soup and sandwiches, coffee/tea and occasional dessert at reasonable prices. The volunteer kitchen staff provides excellent service.

How I started

I got interested in computers in 1985. I liked to play Chess and never could find anybody to play with, so I bought a little Tandy Computer from Radio Shack with a Chess program. One day I didn’t feel like playing chess so I read through the User Manual and started to fool around with the test programs they had in there. Let me tell you, I got hooked. After a few month playing with those programs I learned to write a small program myself. Now I wanted a better computer but a new system did cost about $ 2,500.00. I wanted to make sure that I really liked the computer before I spend that much money. After taking a couple of courses at Seneca College I was sure that I really wanted to have a new and better computer. In 1989 I  bought a Fuji 386sx with 45 Meg Hard drive and 2 Mb of RAM Memory. I also bought a NX1020 Star printer. The only Software I bought was DOS 4.1. From Seneca College I acquired some Tutorial programs, a word processor. LOTUS 123 (a spreadsheet) and dBase 3. That’s the way I started. I learned how to use these programs and for a friend of mine, who is the producer of a German Radio Show, I made a Data base for all his LP’s and CD’s. I have upgraded my computer a few times and also bought some better software. First Windows, then Windows 95. Office 95 and upgraded to Office 97. I also have Coral Draw 7, Paint Pro 6 and Adobe PhotoDeluxe 4. I’m always upgrading my Hardware and Software to keep my Computer as up to date as possible.

In January 1998 I decided to create a Home Page and after a lot of research, and the help and encouragement of my friends “Peggy Ahr, Wolfgang Kraemer and Ecki Weickardt” this is the result.