We are passionate about

To make computers and other technologies easy for older adults. We provide a variety of services such as computer assistance, Facebook setup, help with digital cameras, etc along with simple to use products that take the pain and frustration out of an experience that should be very enjoyable.
Technology jargon gets confusing to most people, so we do our best to state everything in plain English and make it as simple as possible. We do not believe in stupid questions and don’t want any of our customers to be afraid to ask about something that they do not understand. We try to explain technologies in ways that are easy to relate to and can help you build your new knowledge base. If you see something on our website that you do not understand, please let us know.
We have also provided a glossary to help you with any terms that you may not understand. If you see a word or phrase in blue color, simply click on it to see what it means.